Why not have fun and decompress at the same time. These fidgets toys are a good way to relax after a hard day at work or at school. They are also a fun toy for children. Awesome gift idea. Shop fidgets sensory toys and sticky globbles wall balls.

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  • The original fidget cube.

    The original Fidget Cube is an incredibly addictive high-quality tactile toy designed to help you focus. The Fidget Cube is the ultimate tactile toy for people of all ages. Specially designed for restless hands, the unique six sides meet all your tactile needs. Slide, rotate, twist, roll and click for better focus. Made of high quality plastic, the original Fidget Cube is strong, durable and safe for children and adults alike. This super popular, trendy toy is a stylish gadget for work, school or home. This is a great gift idea for your on-the-go friends or loved ones.

  • fidget spinnet toy - Sticky Balls Boutique

    The Fidget Spinner

    Helps Focus

    Often children with ADHD have a harder time focusing because there are just too many distractions around them. When children with ADHD has a fidget spinner in their hands, it allows them to redirect their mind to listening to what their parents or teacher is saying. Often by calming the mind, you can learn so much easier.

  • Simple Dimple / Push Pop / Pop It

    This simple dimple decompression toy has the effect of relieving stress. The buttons can be pressed to make a sound, encouraging tactile stimulation, calmness, and concentration. Simple Dimple joy that is irresistible!

    This Simple Dimple toy is suitable for those lack of attention with hyperactivity disorder, also suitable for students, office workers and daily fun.

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  • Luminescent Stick Wall Balls

    ★ These sticky globble balls are design to help you relax.
    ★ The featured sticky balls come in vibrant colors and are great for sticking, stacking, squishing, slinging, and more.

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  • Simple Dimple And Pop It Fidget Toys

    ★ 2021 infant early education intelligence development and intensive training toys.

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  • fidget spinner sensory toy canada - sticky balls boutique

    Fidget Finger Spinners

    ★ The toy has been promoted as helping people who are having problems focusing or those who may need to fidget to relieve nervous energy, anxiety and stress.

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