Why not have fun and decompress at the same time. These fidgets toys are a good way to relax after a hard day at work or at school. They are also a fun toy for children. Awesome gift idea. Shop fidgets sensory toys and sticky globbles wall balls.

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Fidget Spinner

  • Luminescent Stick Wall Balls

    ★ These sticky globble balls are design to help you relax.
    ★ The featured sticky balls come in vibrant colors and are great for sticking, stacking, squishing, slinging, and more.

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  • Simple Dimple And Pop It Fidget Toys

    ★ 2021 infant early education intelligence development and intensive training toys.

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  • fidget spinner sensory toy canada - sticky balls boutique

    Fidget Finger Spinners

    ★ The toy has been promoted as helping people who are having problems focusing or those who may need to fidget to relieve nervous energy, anxiety and stress.

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