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Famous Architecture Building Blocks

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Famous Architecture Building Blocks

Product Name: As follows
Finished size and number of block

YZ033 Princess castle Product Size:16*8*16.5 cm (about 988 pieces)
YZ034 Romantic castle Product Size:16*8*13 cm (about 1073 pieces)

YZ035 Dream castle Product Size:16*9.6*14.5 cm (about 1048 pieces)

YZ036 Submarine castle Product Size:16*10*15.5 cm (about 960 pieces)

YZ052 Burj Al Arab Product Size:16*16*25 cm (about 1095 pieces)

YZ053 Dubai Falta Product Size:16*16*45 cm (about 1681 pieces)

YZ054 Louvre Product Size:16*16*9 cm (about 1392 pieces)

YZ055 Arc de Triomphe Product Size:16*16*13 cm (about 1626 pieces)

YZ056 Twin bridges Product Size:44*8*14.8 cm (about 1822 pieces)

YZ057 Twin Towers Product Size:16*16*27.5 cm (about 2351 pieces)

YZ058 Big Ben Product Size:16*16*22.1 cm (about 1641 pieces)

YZ059 pyramid Product Size:24*16*12.5 cm (about 1456 pieces)

YZ060 Toronto television Product Size:16*16*41 cm (about 1694 pieces)

YZ061 Sydney Opera House Product Size:28*20*11 cm (about 2360 pieces)

YZ062 The White House Product Size:24*20*16 cm (about 2021 pieces)

YZ063 The Oriental Pearl TV Tower Of Shanghai Product Size:16*16*41 cm (about 1412 pieces)

YZ064 Football Stadium Product Size:32*24*10 cm (about 4685 pieces)

YZ065 Bernabeu Football Stadium product Size:26*24*8 cm (about 4575 pieces)

YZ066 Italian Pisa Leaning Tower product Size:16*16*22 cm (about 1944 pieces)

YZ067 Moscow Red Square product Size:16*16*20 cm (about 2384 pieces)

YZ068 Indian Taj Mahal product Size:24*16*14 cm (about 2169 pieces)

YZ069 Eiffel Tower product Size:24*28*41.5 cm (about 3369 pieces)

YZ070 Kingdom Building product Size:24*28*44.5 cm (about 4692 pieces)

YZ076 Notre Dame de Pairs product Size:25.5*24.5*17.5 cm (about 4018 pieces)

YZ078 Fantasy Castle product Size:29*27.7*38.8 cm (about 4818 pieces)

YZ079 Pink Castle product Size:25.7*17.8*36.5 cm (about 4888 pieces)

1. More than 1000 pcs block can make World famous buildings like arts.

2. Miniature World famous buildings made with micro-sized building blocks, Compatible with nano blocks.

3. Helps develop planning and organizational skills, encourages creative play.
4. Similar to LEGO but not lego, manufactured to the highest tolerances for a perfect fit, make amazing 3D art.
5. The smaller the brick the better the build; all sets come with detailed step by step instructions, for ages 14+
6. Note that the product does not include color boxes, please do not place an order if you mind

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