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3D Rope Wooden Puzzle Toy

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3D Rope Wooden Puzzle Toy

Scientific ideas should follow certain rules, especially when it comes to determining the starting point of logical thinking, which is the most difficult aspect of problem solving.

    • Improves logical reasoning.
    • Fantastic intellectual toy.
    • The A column is the one with the plug collar, and the other two are the B and C columns. Will the problem be solved if the position of the rope loop on the A-pillar and the two radiation ropes are switched up and down? Experiment with stretching the semicircular collar on the A-pillar, penetrating the round hole in the B-pillar, and inserting the wooden pendant into the collar. So the rope and sleeve are not interchangeable? So, the semi-circular collar on the A-pillar is stretched until it penetrates the round hole in the C-pillar, and the wooden pendant is also inserted into the rope sleeve, causing the rope and sleeve to be interchanged... All doubts have already been dispelled at this point.
    • High-end wood material that is resistant to grease, wear, corrosion, and cracking.
    • The surface coating is an airless, tasteless, water-resistant, wear-resistant, and aging-resistant water-based paint. It is non-toxic to humans and does not pollute the environment.
    • It is an educational toy as well as art, suitable for the elderly to relieve boredom and fitness, the child encourages wisdom, and the youth relieves work pressure.

    Color: As Shown
    Material: Wood
    Product Size: 1.7*4.7*4.3cm
    Product Weight: 30g
    Package Dimensions: 5*5*4.5cm
    Package Weight: 35g
    Package Content:
    1 x String Puzzle

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Faye B

    3D Rope Wooden Puzzle Toy

    Arnaldo F

    All OK Very small souvenir and puzzle

    Samantha H

    3D Rope Wooden Puzzle Toy

    Geraldine S

    3D Rope Wooden Puzzle Toy

    Blanche H

    Excellent seller, cool toy

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