Why Kids Should Play With Brain Teasers


Kids are born with incredible little brains. From first words to first questions, we get to watch in real-time their minds develop and grow. Today, parents have dozens of options to boost the development of their children’s cognitive abilities with the help of Brain Teaser toys.

If you’ve never heard of Brain Teasers, don’t worry! We’re going to break down what they are, talk about the benefits, and show you the best toys. So, let’s go!

What are brain teasers?

Brain Teasers are games and puzzles that require creative thinking, memory, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. The brain isn’t a muscle, but it acts like one. When kids play with Brain Teasers, they’re performing mind exercises that develop key skills that will help them be successful in several aspects of their lives.

Examples of Brain Teasers include wooden and metal puzzles (like locks) that kids have to think outside of the box to complete. The objects expose children to new materials and spatial awareness. The best part about these brain games is your kids will be excited to play them!

Let’s check out the key benefits.

Benefits of Brain Teasers for Children

  • Improves Fine Motor Skills

When kids tinker with little pieces of games and puzzles, they’re using and improving fine motor skills. Actions like gripping, pinching, holding, and pulling strengthen small hand muscles and prepare kids for everyday tasks like writing, tying shoes, opening locks, and more.

Fine motor skills are crucial in a school setting, and Brain Teasers are the perfect way to ensure your child is ready to rock ‘n roll in the classroom!

  • Enhances Memory

Brain Teasers are great memory activities. Kids will need to remember patterns and steps in order to complete tasks. Memory is a skill that can be sharpened, and it’s an important capability so kids can retain and recall the information they learn at school. Oh, and it’s never too late to improve your memory and cognitive functions. So, parents, don’t be afraid to play with your kid’s Brain Teasers!

  • Promotes Creative Thinking

As the name suggests, Brain Teasers aren’t easy, and the way to solve them isn’t straightforward. Kids will have to assess the toy and try multiple solutions. This promotes creative thinking and problem-solving. Brain Teasers teach your kid that sometimes you have to look at a problem from all different angles to find an answer.

  • Builds Attention Span

Technology is doing serious harm to kids’ attention spans. Brain Teasers, on the other hand, will help kids concentrate. Once they experience the feeling of finishing the puzzle, they’ll learn that sitting down and completing a tricky task is fun (thanks to dopamine)! Kids will be more likely to find enjoyment in other beneficial tasks, like reading, and succeed in the classroom.

What Are the Best Brain Teaser Toys?

Brain Teasers come in all shapes and sizes. The best way to find out which type your child likes is to try out a couple. You can check out Sticky Balls Boutique's extensive catalog of Brain Teasers, where you’ll find a ton of great wooden and metal puzzles, toys, and more. The products have helpful reviews and images to give you an idea of what you’re purchasing. All items are safe and made with premium materials!